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In 2014, a survey conducted by StudyPortals found that international students rated their education experience in Germany 8.8 out of 10. The two main factors that contribute to this high satisfaction level are academic experience and city culture.

Studying in a German university ensures that an international student receives high quality teaching and experiences the rigour of practical application and researches. All these will result in an international student having a competitive edge over their peers in the workplace because degrees from German universities are often highly respected, and their employers know that the students are flexible in application of knowledge. Beyond the academics, international students can look forward to experiencing the rich heritage in Germany. Being strategically located in the heart of Europe, students can also look forward to weekend trips to other parts of Europe.

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High international students satisfaction level

Experience a unique city culture and ease of mobility to other European nations


Universities in Germany

Top Universites

Technical University of Munich

Arcisstraße 21, 80333 München, Germany

The Technical University of Munich is a research university with campuses in Munich, Garching and Freising-Weihenstephan. It is a member of TU9, an incorporated society of the largest and most notable German institutes of technology.

Humboldt University of Berlin

Unter den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin, Germany

The Humboldt University of Berlin is one of Germany’s foremost universities, founded on 16 August 1809 as the University of Berlin by Frederick William III of Prussia, on the initiative of the liberal …

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

76131 Karlsruhe, Germany

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is a public research university and one of the largest research and education institutions in Germany.

More Universities

ESC Rennes School of Business

2 Rue Robert d'Arbrissel, 35065 Rennes, France

Rennes School of Business formerly École Supérieure de Commerce de Rennes is a French business school located in Rennes, the capital of Brittany, founded in 1990 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rennes. ESC Rennes is a Grande École.


University of Regensburg

Universitätsstraße 31, 93053 Regensburg, Germany

The University of Regensburg is a public research university located in the medieval city of Regensburg, Bavaria, a city that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Ruhr University Bochum

Universitätsstraße 150, 44801 Bochum, Germany

Ruhr-University Bochum, located on the southern hills of central Ruhr area Bochum, was founded in 1962 as the first new public university in Germany since World War II. Instruction began in 1965.


University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Schloßplatz 4, 91054 Erlangen, Germany

Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg is a public research university in the cities of Erlangen and Nuremberg in Bavaria, Germany.


Goethe University Frankfurt

60323 Frankfurt, Germany

Goethe University Frankfurt is a university located in Frankfurt, Germany. It was founded in 1914 as a citizens' university, which means it was founded and funded by the wealthy and active liberal citizenry of Frankfurt.


University of Göttingen

Wilhelmsplatz 1, 37073 Göttingen, Germany

The University of Göttingen is a public research university in the city of Göttingen, Germany. Founded in 1734 by George II, King of Great Britain and Elector of Hanover, and starting classes in 1737.


University of Marburg

Biegenstraße 10, 35037 Marburg, Germany

The Philipps University of Marburg, was founded in 1527 by Philip I, Landgrave of Hesse as one of Germany's oldest universities, dating back to a Protestant foundation. As a state university it no longer has any religious affiliation.


University of Giessen

Ludwigstraße 23, 35390 Gießen, Germany

The University of Giessen, officially called Justus Liebig University Giessen, is a large public research university in Giessen, Hesse, Germany.


University of Kiel

Christian-Albrechts-Platz 4, 24118 Kiel, Germany

The University of Kiel is a university in the city of Kiel, Germany. It was founded in 1665 as the Academia Holsatorum Chiloniensis by Christian Albert, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp and has approximately 26,000 students today.


Munich University of Applied Sciences

Lothstraße 64, 80335 München, Germany

The Munich University of Applied Sciences, was founded in 1971 and is the largest University of Applied Sciences in Bavaria with about 17,500 students.

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What’s it like in Germany

Germany is an intriguing blend of Western modernity and Asian culture. For first-timers, it’s an excellent way to get introduced to living in Asia.

Within a total area of roughly 700 square kilometers, you’ll find gleaming skyscrapers, Chinese shophouses, Malay mosques, Hindu temples, and endless chains of airconditioned shopping malls. Germany is safe, clean, and green – proud of its reputation as a Garden City.

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